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The Partnership hosted the inaugural HoustonNEXT: An ERG Summit in the fall of 2018, gathering hundreds of HR professionals and ERG leaders to discuss issues in talent attraction and diversity in the workplace. 在那个事件之外, the Partnership launched the 人才资源组 in 2019 to help connect HR and talent professionals in the region.



Greater Houston Partnership Honored with 2024 EDO Award for 员工发展

The Greater Houston Partnership was recognized for its workforce development work, winning Business Facilities' 2024 Economic Development Organization award in the large economic development organization category.  The economic development publication’s awards recognize economic development organizations “growing their communities” and recognizes “initiatives delivering results toward capital investment, 创造就业机会, 生活质量等等.” Six other economic development organizations were recognized for their initiatives in the same category.  UpSkill休斯顿, set to celebrate its 10-year anniversary this fall, mobilizes the collective action of more than 200 critical business, education and community leaders developing the pipeline of skilled workers employers need and creating better pathways to opportunity for all Houstonians. 作为其使命的一部分, UpSkill休斯顿 bolsters talent-driven economic development efforts across the Houston region in focus areas like life sciences, 皇冠HGA010官方下载, 还有航天和航空.  “We are excited about the recognition for the framework we’ve developed and we look forward to bringing our goals to fruition for the people of Houston,彼得·比尔德说, SVP of Regional 员工发展 at the Greater Houston Partnership. “The future is very bright for all who contribute to our region’s dynamic economy.”  教育al partnerships have flourished in the Houston region in recent years, with examples like 圣哈辛托学院’s EDGE Center, which partners with the Houston Spaceport to train professionals for roles in innovative space enterprises like Intuitive Machines, Axiom Space和Collins 航空航天. In 2023, 105年,572 square-foot Intuitive Machines Lunar Production and Operations Facility opened at the Houston Spaceport, ensuring direct access for these trainees to groundbreaking innovation at the forefront of the private space sector.  The strides made to bolster workforce development have already earned Houston further opportunities, 引起了皇冠HGA010官方下载部的注意. Houston’s selection as a clean hydrogen hub was spurred by collective investment in the workforce infrastructure from UpSkill休斯顿, 休斯顿皇冠HGA010官方下载转型倡议(HETI), the Center for Houston’s Future (CHF) and Accenture. 这项工作旨在绘制预计的20个国家的地图,000 future local hydrogen careers and providing opportunity for 皇冠HGA010官方下载 transition inclusion and social mobility to disadvantaged communities.  UpSkill休斯顿 has established itself as a game changer for regional economic development, producing workforce solutions in some of the most critical sectors of tomorrow. This impact will be seen as Houston continues to elevate its stature on the world stage as a destination for opportunity and prosperity for all.  Learn more about the UpSkill休斯顿 workforce development initiative.

Houston Investing in Its Future Hydrogen 劳动力 with New Development Strategy

Addressing a growing skills gap by closing economic disparities will be critical as Houston’s hydrogen economy grows. 抓住这个机会, the Greater Houston Partnership's UpSkill休斯顿 initiative, Accenture and the Center for Houston’s Future (CHF) have launched a new workforce development initiative that aims to help people in disadvantaged communities (DACs) secure good jobs in the emerging hydrogen economy by bridging the skills gap through training and skill development. According to the executive summary of a forthcoming white paper, the strategy will target high-demand and good-paying, middle-skilled hydrogen jobs through a skill-matching process based on skill transferability, 除其他因素外, as well as tailored learning journeys that will provide pathways from education to employment. This will require collaborating with key stakeholders across the hydrogen economy, 包括本地工业雇主, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. 合作伙伴包括液化空气集团, 雪佛龙公司, bp, 布鲁姆皇冠HGA010官方下载, Calpine, 陶氏, 高的, 林德, 壳牌, SLB, Brazosport大学, 休斯顿社区学院, 李大学, 孤身学院, 圣哈辛托学院, United Way of Greater Houston and Gulf Coast 劳动力解决方案. The learning journeys will help people increase their earning potential and provide career stability by having direct access to the hydrogen sector. “The future growth of the hydrogen industry in Houston and the Gulf Coast provides the region with the opportunity to collaborate with business and industry to rewire the talent pathways into the hydrogen sector and increase economic mobility and opportunity for residents of communities historically underserved.” - Peter Beard, SVP, Regional 员工发展 The consortium aims to work with community stakeholders and educational institutions to align career and technical education (CTE) in high schools with dual credit in community colleges. The ongoing 协作 with colleges and school districts will also support the development of shorter-term programs for adults.  这项新倡议是在美国政府采取行动之前提出的.S. Department of 皇冠HGA010官方下载’s selection of the Gulf Coast as one of seven regional clean hydrogen hubs, 总部设在休斯顿. 布雷特帕尔曼, 休斯顿未来中心的主席, says employers must implement inclusive workforce strategies to fill the skills gap and mobilize a sustainably scaled workforce by recruiting talent from throughout the community. Accenture’s research has found a high degree of jobs will be needed for hydrogen with highly correlated skills from other occupations and industries already in place. “Making this happen requires being very purposeful about the intersection of these opportunities and... 跨生态系统工作,玛丽·贝思·格雷西说, 埃森哲休斯敦办事处总经理, 在展示战略时. The findings also predict a steady rise in middle-skill jobs within Houston’s clean 皇冠HGA010官方下载 hydrogen economy over the next five to 10 years, 特别是在碳捕集与封存(CCS)方面, 以及制造业的持续增长, 应用程序, 存储, distribution and production as demand and technology advances. 罗伯特·纳梅克,总经理-氢,USGC & Europe at 雪佛龙公司, echoed the report's conclusions. "This region plays a key role in supplying lower-carbon hydrogen and ammonia, which will require a skilled local workforce that will be positioned to execute these projects.” According to research conducted by McKinsey and CHF, Texas - and the Gulf Coast region as a whole - are already the nation’s largest hydrogen producers with more than 1,000 miles of dedicated hydrogen pipelines and 48 hydrogen production plants. The region is also home to a diverse array of 皇冠HGA010官方下载 resources, including a large concentration of academic and industry-driven 皇冠HGA010官方下载 innovation, 先进的基础设施, 以及高技能的劳动力. 展望未来的皇冠HGA010官方下载结构, hydrogen is anticipated to be twelve percent of the total 皇冠HGA010官方下载 consumption by 2050, 根据国际皇冠HGA010官方下载署. In its Houston as a Hydrogen Hub – 2050 Snapshot report, 休斯顿未来研究中心预测会有170人,000电位直流电, indirect and induced jobs could be created in the hydrogen economy, as well as an additional $100 billion for Texas’ gross domestic product. 了解更多关于UpSkill休斯顿的信息.



soir -共创明天

黄昏时的, 大休斯顿合伙企业的年度晚会, celebrates Houston's diverse facets fostering innovation, 协作, and equitable urban development which position Houston as a vibrant hub for the future.…


“We all go to lots of meetings where we talk about what needs to be fixed but rarely do individuals own the work to make something happen. It’s very impressive how UpSkill休斯顿 has been able to bring everyone together to accomplish common goals.”


“The minute I heard there was an opportunity to leverage what the Greater Houston Partnership was doing to make our industry better and our company better, 加入UpSkill休斯顿是理所当然的事.”

丹尼尔米. Gilbane

“I am sitting in Alief独立学区 watching my students' lives change because of efforts like this.”


"Businesses who want to get their name out and sales professionals who want to increase their sphere of influence won't find a better organization to connect than GHP."


“UpSkill休斯顿 helped us build relationships across sectors and made sure we were all talking about the same issues.”


"Houston has a huge amount of raw ingredients needed to launch a startup -- top tier universities, 可承受的生活成本, 巨大的财富, large corporations -- so the creation of a startup hub in Houston has just been about aligning all these elements under one roof that provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed."

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